Our Farm

The whole ethos of our farm is sustainable farming; that is we treat everyone and everything with respect, only taking out what we put back in.


We are a third generation, family run farm, on which we rear livestock for food. Of our 250 acre site the majority of our land is permanent pasture. We use this grass to feed our animals outside during the drier, (well as dry as it gets in the North West of England) months and make hay and silage, to feed them during the housed winter period. This type of traditional farming means that we  promote the natural feeding behaviour of the animal and growth of the meat.

Our Cows

We currently rear Limousin cross and Aberdeen Angus cross beef calves which are all sourced from one local farm and arrive with us at approximately eight weeks old. They enjoy the rest of their days with us till they reach maturity at approximately two and a half years old.

Our Lamb

Our flock is Llyn Sheep, a traditional welsh breed that spend all of their time (with the exception of lambing) outside at grass. They produce a crop of lambs every year usually in March and April.

Our Pork

Our pork is home reared from our couple of traditional breed sows, they enjoy life rummaging around in a straw barn creating havoc.

We want to produce food that is ethically reared and beneficial to the consumer as well as the animal in terms of health, welfare and well being. Our commitment to the environment and ensuring the sustainability of our farm is shown through our continued membership of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme. Our pledge within the scheme is to plant and manage trees and hedgerows as well as encourage wildlife. On a practical farming level we have reduced the need for transport, fertilizer and chemical use and we try to operate our farm on a local level.

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