We understand that quality and provenance is key.

So if you want to know where the meat in you burger came from or how you Sunday roast was cared for its easy….just ask us!

At Silvesters Farm Food we are proud to offer beef, lamb and pork that has been with us on our farm from pasture to plate. We know exactly what goes into each animal; caring for it to the maximum welfare standards, feeding it and handling it to produce meat with the best, juciest texture and flavour. If we don’t home grow it then one of our neighbours will….thats why our chicken comes from up the road.

Our traditional butchery is at the heart of our shop. Our highly skilled onsite butchers lovingly prepare choice cuts of meat using skills passed down through generations, for you to enjoy; be it ribs of beef and steaks or our own dry cured bacon, made onsite using traditional artisan methods.

Finally, if it’s advice you need on recipes, cooking methods or times all our staff can help – from tried and tested roasting dishes to more exotic menus.

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